The Songs

      1. Hedda! Queen of Hollywood
      2. The Friendly Enemy Rag
      3. Queen of the Quickies
      4. Off the Record
      5. Ethel Barrymore Gavotte
      6. Hats
      7. Wolfie and Hedda
      8. Don’t Drink the Punch
      9. When Movies Were Movies
      10. I was Simply Telling the Truth
      11. How Lucky We Were
      12. I’m Political

      13. We’re in America
      14. Elizabeth
      15. Finale/Hedda! Queen of Hollywood (Reprise)


*   Music & Lyrics by Jillann Gabrielle, Arranged by Howard Pfeifer
**  Lyrics by Jillann Gabrielle, Music by Howard Pfeifer
*** Lyrics by Jillann Gabrielle, Music by Howard Pfeifer and Jillann Gabrielle

Songs Cut from the Score

The Red Menace *

The Cold War Blues *

Noblesse Oblige

Sine Qua Non, or Essential Hedda

The Saga of Charlie Chaplin

Hedda’s March on Politics

The Maddening of the Hatter