feature film or mini-series
written by
Jillann Gabrielle
Elizabeth Moisant
& Todd Cook

Inspired by the blockbuster Amadeus, Frederick the Great (1712-1786) tells his captivating life story which includes his relationships with three members of the Bach family: C.P.E. Bach, his father Johann Sebastian, and his brother Wilhelm Friedemann. Narrated primarily by his adoring mother, Sophia, Frederick’s incredible true story is fascinatingly told with touches of humor—from his compelling childhood to his embracing his duties as King of Prussia, from his sexual orientation to his championing of the common man, from his reclaiming the territories rightfully belonging to Prussia to its evolution into the modern day European country of Germany. A philosopher, musician, man of letters, and military genius—Frederick was instrumental in the Age of Enlightenment in Europe as well as in the American Revolution. Frederick and C.P.E. Bach, his court clavierist and fellow composer, resonate with each other’s living under the shadow of a powerful father. It’s similarity with Amadeus in its use of music is a central part of the story. The score of both the mini-series and the feature film is filled with the musical masterpieces of Johann Sebastian and C.P.E. Bach…and of course Frederick’s own exquisite compositions.
Frederick’s mother
C.P.E. Bach,
Court Composer
Johann Sebastian
Wilhelm Friedemann