Hedda Hopper:  The Gargoyle of Gossip is a seven part limited series for streaming.  It follows Hedda from her Quaker upbringing in Pennsylvania, to her run as an MGM bit player (which includes her being chased around the casting couch by Louis B. Mayer himself), to her meteoric rise as the hat-crazed Hollywood gossip columnist at the age of 52; her legendary feuds with Hollywood’s elite including her fellow Hollywood gossip columnist, Louella Parsons; her role in the creation of many legendary Hollywood stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor; the use of her column to promote her own political and moral agenda; her smear campaigns against Charlie Chaplin and other Hollywood Communist sympathizers; the Liz/Eddie/Debbie debacle and her break with Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth’s rise to superstardom, and Hedda’s efforts to bring her down; Her son, William Hopper’s success in films and on the Perry Mason series; and the parties, parties, parties with all the Hollywood stars of yesteryear, played by all the Hollywood stars of today!  An epic story—Hollywood’s Golden Age—with plenty of juice!