We are living in world shaped by Hedda Hopper!

Scorned by some as a crackpot in a hat…Hedda Hopper had a broad and enduring effect on film and politics.  She brought a greater awareness for the art of motion pictures to the masses.  She avidly espoused and promoted Conservatism.  She was a pioneer for powerful women in all professions…especially political pundits who were dominated by men at the time.  Her column, with a readership of 32 million, was the voice of small town America.  Hollywood gossip during it’s Golden Age helped to shape the world in ways which continue to play out today.

In “Hedda!  A Musical Conversation” Hedda Hopper is compellingly and comedically brought to life through the high art of musical theatre.  In a series of phone conversations, songs, and chats with the audience taking place between 1944 and 1958 we are made privy to:  her legendary feuds with Hollywood’s elite; the use of her column to promote her own political and moral agenda; her smear campaigns against Charlie Chaplin and other Hollywood Communist sympathizers; right up to the Liz/Eddie/Debbie debacle.  Multi-faceted, fascinating and funny…Hedda Hopper and her collection of outrageous hats was a force to be reckoned with!


Hedda! A Musical Conversation is also available for on-site performances.
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Jill Gabrielle

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