Score Demos*

1. Haunting the Halls of Kensington Palace

2. I was Always Tidy

3. Wouldn’t it be Nice if Charles Married Diana

4. Charles and Me…and Camilla

5. Husband in Training

6. Being Royal is Hard Work

7. A Dangerous Woman

8. She’s Sure a Better Mum to Him than I Was

9. Wills and Harry

10. The War of the Waleses

11. It’s a Man’s World

12. The Day that Mummy Left

13. Risky Business

14. The Queen of Hearts

15. My Brief Life

Songs cut from the score:

The Art of Lying

A Colony of Lepers

Raine, Raine, Go Away

*Jill plays the following tracks in the show at the piano and she also plays them on the MP3s: ‘Charles and Me…and Camilla,’ ‘Husband in Training,’ ‘Dangerous Woman,’ ‘Wills and Harry,’ and ‘The Queen of Hearts’ (also played by Michael Benshish). Michael Benshish plays the rest of the tracks except: ‘Being Royal is Hard Work’ and ‘The Day that Mummy Left’ which are played, arranged, and co-written by Howard Pfeifer.