The songs

– They Call Me Jackie O

– Black Jack Bouvier

– My Love Affair with Europe

– The Saga of Jackie’s Cherry

– I Want a Dangerous Man

– Beautiful Things

– What’s Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose

– I’m the Queen of the Circus

– I Just Want to Be with You

– I Want a Dangerous Man (reprise)


– It Gets Harder as the Years Go By

– Click! – part 1

– Click! – part 2

– The Black Widow

– Caroline and John

– Making the World the Way I Want it to Be

– Ring Down the Curtain

All lyrics and music by Jillann Gabrielle. Sung by Jill and played by Jill on a digital piano. Later in 2020 they will be arranged on the piano by a professional piano player and then orchestrated by Jill and her Grammy nominated husband, Phil Barrile. The players will be from the professional musical theatre instrumentalists here in Chicago.